ISEApublish provides three types of reports:

1) STANDARD REPORTS: Brief reports on salient issues in the economy are available in the reports section on our website. The most recent reports are posted in the rotating banner on the top of our home page.

2) CUSTOMIZED REPORTS: Customized reports can be generated on our create reports. On this page, slide out the “create reports” tool, select the layer you are interested in, select the zip codes you would like to create the report for, and click “run report”. Make sure you allow pop ups. To save the selected area, please register for a free membership. Soon we will also offer paid memberships that give you access to forecasts, detailed, industry-specific reports, and access to data. See our membership page for details.

3) CUSTOMIZED REPORTS ON DEMAND: We offer specific data excerpts, regional analysis, and comments on our current reports for media outlets based on the availability of resources. Please contact for details.

The researchers of the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis (ISEA) also post individual observations on economic highlights in regions as well as comments on economic issues in our blog posts.